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Merlin Music Systems Published Reviews - Audio Musings VSM-SE Review
Music Reference RM9 Mark II and Clayton M70 monoblock amplifiers. VPI HW-19 IV turntable, Graham 1.5 arm, and Benz cartridge L04. Wadia WT3200 transport and EAD 7000 III DAC.

StereoTimes - - ELAC 518 Loudspeaker
Music Reference RM9 II : Loudspeakers: Apogee Duetta Signature Celestion SL700 Genesis VI Klipschorn: Cabling: Audio Note AN-La

ART SHAPIRO'S SYSTEM. LOUDSPEAKERS ESP Concert Grand and REL Stadium II subwoofer. ELECTRONICS Convergent Audio SL1 Signature preamplifier and Music Reference RM9 Mk II amplifier.

DAGOGO: GW Labs 270 Tube Power Amplifier
Although I am not a feverish proponent of tube amplification, I do have a Music Reference RM9 II of Ram Labs’ Roger Modjeski fame as my long-term reference.

Amplifier , my $3,450, EL34-based Music Reference RM9 Mk II and the twin C-core equipped, $2,450 GW Labs 270 feedback tube amplifier. Preamplification was the $28,000 Audio Note M8.

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CEC TL1 CD transport, via ST link to Wadia 27, via Granite Audio model #470 (replacing Kimber Kable's KCAG) to Music Reference RM9 Mk II power amp (4 x EL34 per channel, 125 wpc), via Cardas Quadlink...

VooDoo Cable Reviews
I put these between my Quad 99 CD-P and Music Reference RM9 MK2 amp, and it sounds like I upgraded components instead of cables. I knew cables made a difference but not this much of a...

á¯Å : Audio Research M100 Mono Mono, Music Reference RM9 MK II ºî¦XÂX¤j¾÷ : Accuphase E-407 ³â¥z : Harbeth M30, Rogers ls3/5a 15 ohm ½u§÷ : Jimmy¤u§@«Ç¯Â»È¹q·½½u,¯Â»È°T...

DAGOGO: Loth X BS1 Bookshelf Loudspeakers
the $3,450 125 Wpc tube Music Reference RM9 II. The $6,000 Audio Note M3 was the preamp when either the McCormack or the Music Reference was in use. Although the BS1's 94dB 8-Ohm sensitivity hardly...

StereoTimes - - Audio Note AN-E/D Loudspeakers
Music Reference RM9 II Apogee Duetta Signature: Loudspeakers: Audio Note AN-E/D,



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