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MySpace Profile - The Flying Eyes (deleting soon), Bay Area, California, US, new name:... Band Website: Band Members: Grant Shellen - guitar & vocals
Tom is deleting MYSPACE! The only way you can help save it is to vote for myspace. Please help the community SAVE MYSPACE AND VOTE SO IT WONT GET DELETED!

Discussion: MySpace and Deleting Online Predators Act
MySpace and Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA) Citation: boyd, danah and Henry Jenkins. 2006... social network sites are a cross between a yearbook and a community website.

Michael G. Fitzpatrick Serving Pennsylvania's 8th District
This website would include information about MySpace and other social networking sites, how they are used and what should not be included in a user’s profile.

Mari Iijima Official Website: MYSPACE
MYSPACE. I tried to add another song to MYSPACE from my new album. But it (especially my vocal) sounded awfully distorted, so I stopped doing it , and I ended up deleting deleting critical sites of Scientology has articles about closing sites critical of Scientology, site contains... Feel free to roll over the high lighted words to go to the website that focuses on this subject:
MySpace Profile - Prez, 25 years old, Male, West Palm Beach , FLORIDA, US, What it do?... IN A MIN N I JUST WANTED 2 B MY USUAL SELF N CHECK UP ON U, MAKE SURE UR AIGHT! aND I WAS DELETING...

Internet safety - Keeping kids safe online.
... how-to's and resources to help parents deal with myspace and... Deleting a Myspace account... If you found an obscene website

How To Delete Your MySpace Account Open Switch
But that’s not why we’re deleting our account, we’re deleting our MySpace account because we can... Website...

Deleting predators from MySpace
Deleting predators from MySpace. 5/11/2006 10:15:27 AM, by Nate Anderson... The bill also directs the government to form a website designed to educate teens and...

Cheap Php ScriptHi5 CloneMyspace CloneYoutube CloneMyspace ...
Now you can start your very own deal informer or coupon website! This script features an Online Control Panel for deleting and adding merchants, coupons, deals and any product or service offered on...

MySpace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... minors from using chat rooms and social networking websites, such as MySpace. This bill, known as the Deleting... When asked about the popularity of the band's MySpace website in an interview with...



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